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Hi, I'm Randall Bollig, and this is my home page.

I'm a hiker, photographer, science & industrial tourist, and private pilot. I enjoy tinkering with art, electronics, telephones, robots, and other gadgets. I'm locally known for cooking with exotic techniques and materials like liquid nitrogen.

I work as a web-consultant, programming servers and databases for web sites. My technology interests center around privacy, data warehousing, observability, security, encryption, cypherpunk, and disruptive technologies.

Sample photo from the Maroon Bells, Colorado
Mirror Lake at Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado

Sample photo from the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel
From The Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs

Sample photo from the Color Run
From The Color Run

Sample photo from the Rocky Mountain National Park
From The Rocky Mountain National Park

Biking on the highway Ever been told to "go play on the freeway?" Well, one Sunday, the police shut down a major highway in Atlanta and let us take out bikes on it. Read more about biking on the freeway.

Phases of a Kindle page turn What is it with the weird flashing, melting, and decaying pattern that e-ink displays like the Amazon Kindle have when you turn the page? Take a close look at E-ink in slow motion.

Flash RAM boiling in liquid nitrogen
What happens when you boil camera memory in ultra-cold liquid nitrogen? I tried it, and some other electronics, just to see what would happen. Read about it.